wedNESday #7 - More than just coding

Posted on Wed 15 February 2017 in nes • Tagged with 6502, nes, python

more than coding

One thing that I noticed on opensorce projects, it's more than just coding. Indeed the code itself is the center on wich everything else related to the project gravitates, but there is lot more. Today made some tweaks on my travis continuos integration, and also had a lot of reading …

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wedNESday #6 - A bigger blender brain

Posted on Wed 08 February 2017 in nes • Tagged with 6502, nes, python, MCP23017, raspberrypi

Blender Brain

Blender Bigger Brain*

On last week's post, I had a "to do" list over the comments of the "upcoming improvements". So Toshimitsu Kamei came to the rescue again with the IO expander stuff. He sent some study material and sugests a small proof of concept just by following some internet …

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wedNESday #5 - It's alive!

Posted on Wed 01 February 2017 in nes • Tagged with 6502, nes, python, raspberrypi

it's alive

First of all, I must thanks Toshimitsu Kamei, without him this post wouln't be possible. Some time ago, he helped me up connecting the RasberryPI's GPIO along with W65C02S. It was fun, although I was kind of clumsy in this meantime, and them now I have to reattach everything. So …

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