wedNESday #7 - More than just coding

Posted on Wed 15 February 2017 in nes

more than coding

One thing that I noticed on opensorce projects, it's more than just coding. Indeed the code itself is the center on wich everything else related to the project gravitates, but there is lot more. Today made some tweaks on my travis continuos integration, and also had a lot of reading to keep up. I had make some proof of concepts related to plugins, and at the end I thought, wow that was very productive, but... wait... I didn't either write or commit a single line of code in the main project. How that could be productive? Did you ever had the same feeling?

That happens a lot, 'cause you are building the ideia on your head. If you alredy knew, you would be just typing. Programing is much more related to thinking than pressing keys, although hollywood might disagree. In my daily work, my mind must be focused and aimed at the goal. But, in your personal projects, you must have fun along the way, let your mind flow for a while.

In my opinion, opensource projects are marathons, not short runs. So have fun, appreciate the view, get some small detours. Don't rush and lose your breath, just keep going. If you can't enjoy yourself, how contributors will get inpired?

And them, as said, there is much more than code. There must be passion doing this.

Today's post is dedicated to my friend Luiz Fuhrmeister who have passed away yesterday, on February 14.

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