wedNESday #3

Posted on Wed 18 January 2017 in nes

Goals and Detours

One of goals this week was to create a fake PPU, so that we can start testing it and playing with it and create a Pull Request in the py65 project with some tests. Although, while writing some tests in order to reach the first goal, I thought that I could do better.

Running some ASM snippets

For the fake PPU, I need some tests that calls it. All the tests that I had so far, dealed only with CPU. Then using nesasm_py I've managed to run some ASM code snippets within a test in a very readable way. I took some code snippets, some of them, like load palettes uses the PPU. Then the detours started.

Those tests open the possibility to run some book and tutorials codesnippets without much effort. I've started some demos from's compare beyond, now I'm playing with some codesnippets from the book Machine Language for Beginners by Richard Mansfield.

Divide and Conquer

I though, that not only py65 deserve some pull requests, but those demos might be useful for other projects. I'm thinking in creating kind of a 'guide' project/module just filled with tests in the most generic way. If anyone could think of a catch name, please tweet me!

As usual, you can checkout the progress at wedNESday repository.

Next wedNESday

  • It will be a holiday on São Paulo-Brasil, thefore I might have more time to evolve on the PPU.
  • Code Snippets from Machine Language for Beginners's book.
  • Split the tests into a Guide project.